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Thank you so much for your brilliant work on the sketchnote  that you created for my Inspirational Tipping Point TEDxPowellRiver presentation. You are extremely good at what you do and have a gift that brings ordinary words to heart.

Simon Reilly
Leading Advisor Inc.

Simon Reilly, Leading Advisor Inc.

We hired Sacha Chua of Experivis to sketchnote the MaRS events for Lean Startup Day because we wanted people to be able to hold on to the ideas. She did a great job drawing all those talks and posting them to Twitter for us throughout the day. People shared and retweeted the images around the world, with an estimate of more than a million impressions. Great work!

– Nathan Monk and Jennifer Marron, MaRS Discovery District

Nathan Monk and Jennifer Marron (MaRS Discovery District)

Sameer Vasta (@vasta)

Maria Marino (@mariiamarino)

Claudinei Yogui (@c_yogui)


Britt Wray (@brittwray)

Trevor Haldenby (@trevver)

Chuck Frey (@chuckfrey)

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