Visual Book Reviews

It’s hard to get people to read a book… but it’s a lot easier with a visual summary that not only encourages people to read the book for more insights but also serves as a handy reference for remembering key points and a great way to share good ideas over social media.

You can use a visual book review to promote your book on author and publisher websites, on Facebook pages, in Twitter posts, and elsewhere in print and online. In addition, we are happy to share the review on our company website and other blogs if the book is a good fit, helping you reach new audiences.

See samples of our work:

We cover topics such as:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Productivity
  • Psychology
  • Technology

We can review print books, MOBI, EPUB, and PDF.

Please contact us at with your book’s title, description, publication date, and number of pages. If you’re coordinating media, indicate when you would prefer blog posts to be published. If you would like more input in the visual book review process or customized images (ex: higher resolution for use in print, revisions in order to better express key points, colour-matching with logos, simplified images for use elsewhere), please inquire about rates.

Submission does not guarantee review or publication. We follow disclosure guidelines.

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