Event/Conference Sketchnotes

Give your attendees a better way to remember and share the key points from your conference or event. Sketchnotes combine hand-drawn images and text to give people a visual synopsis of the insights at a glance. More convenient than video or slides, more engaging than blog posts or transcripts, sketchnotes summarize talks in a format that’s easy to review and share.

Using social media to engage participants and influencers? We’ll tweet and hashtag each sketchnote right after each talk so that people see and share it while your event is top-of-mind. At the end, we’ll put together a blog post recapping all of the sketchnotes so that they’re searchable by title and speaker – another easily-shared post that can help your conference or event reach new audiences.


  • Delight attendees with visual, useful notes – get people raving about your conference’s content and creativity
  • Reach more people with real-time social media engagement – people see and share the sketchnotes during the event itself, drawing traffic to your hashtag and reaching potential attendees
  • Follow up with attendees and influencers after the event – It’s the perfect follow-up or lead nurturing tool that will help participants remember what they learned
  • Use sketchnotes to pre-market next year’s event – demonstrate your event’s value with sketchnotes of the previous event, giving people proof of your agenda quality
  • Reinforce your conference and sponsor branding with logos, URLs, and colour on each sketchnote – extra promotion value

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